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                Home > About us > About Miller

                Fujian Mi Le Health Products Co., Ltd. is the world famous brand that is the British "British teddy bear" diaper, paper towel products in China exclusive brand authorized, set research and development, production, brand, sales and service in one of the cutting-edge baby supplies business The Headquartered in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, baby supplies production base ------- Quanzhou; company area of over 50,000 square feet; with standardized plant, advanced plant workshop, research and development room, office building. The company has adopted the international advanced level of standardized production management system, Yong first-class production equipment and strong development capabilities and production capacity, the company is committed to the introduction of health and environmental protection of new products as the ultimate goal.

                The company to implement modern enterprise management system; to consumers and market-oriented; actively promote enterprise technology innovation; vigorously promote product development and production process of technological transformation; so as to continue to develop new products, guide consumption trends, open up the market, reduce energy consumption , To improve the competitive advantage, the company also fully passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality system certification.

                The company has been committed to sustainable development, and actively fulfill their social responsibility, Wal-Mart specifically for the efforts to provide business.

                The company's founding team will be committed to creating a social enterprise with consumers to provide consumers with quality and cheap products, provide first-class caring service, so that more families can enjoy from China, safe and secure Baby products. We will be with a sense of social responsibility, national mission to work hard!

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                Sunshine Road, Photovoltaic Base, Xiamei Town, Nanan, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

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